Online Promotion Ideas: How To Use 10 Free Bonuses To Increase Your Sales & Profits


Free bonuses are like honey that can get yourwebsite visitors hooked to you and makethem to keep buying from you.

So, below are some online promotion ideas to help youimplement this.

1. Interview Articles - You could compile an ebookor report of interviews you've given to experts fromyour particular industry.

2. Coupon eBook - You could compile an ebookfull of coupons from other products you sell or fromother businesses you've made coupon deals with.

3. Online Gallery - You could compile a free onlinegallery of pictures, graphs, charts, or graphics thatis related to your target audience.

4. Webcam - You could set-up a webcam so yourcustomers could view a particular environment orplace they are interested in.

5. E-zine Archives - You could bundle all your olde-zine issues together into an e-book or member'sweb site.

6. Survey Results - You could compile together theresults of all the surveys you've taken from your website visitors. It could be an ebook or reports.

7. Personal Journal - You could publish a personaljournal of daily actions you take that's related toyour particular industry.

8. Calendar Of Events - You could publish a list orebook of events related to your target audience, Itcould be trade shows, seminars, fundraisers, etc.

9. Top Lists - You could publish a list or ebook oftop ten lists that your customers would be interestedin. It can be about related products, people, etc.

10. Email Discussion List - You could make a privatee-mail discussion list only for people that purchaseyour product.

May these online promotion ideas help you to make a lotof money.


I-key Benney, CEO

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