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The busier you are the harder it is to remember all those appointments. Now you can get an E-Mail everyday to remind you of all your important appointments. Better yet you can turn other peoples need for reminders into a Viral Marketing Tool right now and it's all free.

It never seems to end. Everyday someone finds a new way to go viral. Recently this new free service popped up on the Internet that allows anyone to set up a free E-mail reminder. Now you will never forget your Mom's Birthday your wife's anniversary or that dentist appointment again.

This service is infectious, imagine every time one of your customers or potential customers sets an appointment they go to your web page and set up a reminder. The Beginning of each month they go to your web page and set up a reminder for Birthdays, Anniversaries and all of those other important occasions.

It's infectious, if you were find a service like this wouldn't you e-mail everyone you know and tell them about it?

You get to offer your customers a valuable free service they can use any time they want too. But best of all every time they receive a reminder they have another chance to think about you.

How can a reminder be Viral. Every E-Mail Reminder contains your Ad Promoting whatever you want. The average person needs to see something 7 times before they make a buying decision. You can get your message in front of your future customers daily.

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