How To Market A Suspense Novel In An Online Multimedia Format


If you haven't heard of the author C. F. Jackson or the novel Won't Be Denied, you soon will. This author has taken marketing to a new multimedia level with the release of an online commercial.

The three minute commercial is an innovative way to walk in the world of MarŠ¹ Alexander, the main character, who greets the viewer and provides the viewer a synopsis of her story.

Filtered in the commercial are a few reviews from readers. The movement and the music demand one's attention immediately.

In its brief runtime, Won't Be Denied the commercial has captured many viewers on a daily bases, just like the novel itself.

Author, C. F. Jackson has taken a path of developing a media format that is a first of its kind, when it comes to bringing readers to this new, true suspense, without any obvious twists.

To captivate the avid reader, Organized Thoughts Publishing produced a commercial just for those who are intrigued with suspense stories and to capture those who are not, as of yet.

Marketing and promoting is to be a fun, adventurous, and out-of-the-box mindset. That is something C. F. Jackson has truthfully achieved.

If this author's creative marketing scheme is this unique, one can only imagine the creative storyline between the pages of the novel itself, Won't Be Denied.

Traditional promoting tactics are close at hand, with a book signing at Nubain Bookstore in Morrow, GA, on May 28, 2005 at 1:00 pm. For information, visit the author's website at www. cfjackson. us.

Won't Be Denied, a 226-page novel, shines a light into an obsessed, single African American female. In the well-crafted suspense novel, author C. F. Jackson, graduate from Georgia Southern University with a BS degree in Criminal Justice, lays out the story in two sentences: Love won't be denied. MarŠ¹ comes to value it more than life. The story is set in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an easy, suspenseful read. The character-driven plot is a page-turner.

For more information, or to purchase Won't Be Denied (ISBN 0-9762230-0-7), contact the publisher, Organized Thoughts Publishing: Post Office Box 920622, Norcross, GA 30010 or www. cfjackson. us. Bookstores and libraries in the U. S. can order Won't Be Denied through Baker & Taylor database or directly from publisher.

C. F. Jackson is available for television, radio, and print interviews.



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