10 Killer Ways To Sell Your Back-End Products


A back-end product is a product you attempt to sellyour customers after they have recently purchased arelated product from your business.

If you're not trying to sell back-end products to yourcustomers, you're making a big mistake. It is easier tosell to existing customers than it is to sell to new oneswho don't trust your business yet.

Below are ten killer strategies you can use to sell yourback-end products to your existing customers:

1. When you ship people the first product they bought, insert a flyer or brochure for your back-end productin the package.

5. Send customers a free surprise gift after they orderyour first product. You could attach another ad withthe free gift for your back-end product.

8. Contact your customers by phone and ask them ifthey were happy with their purchase. You could tellthem about your back-end product.

9. Send your customers a thank you letter by mail ore-mail. You could mention your back-end productsomewhere on the letter.

10. Ask your customers if they want to be updated inthe future when you have new product offers. Youcould have them sign up to receive e-mail or snailmail updates.

Your business will have a greater chance of survivingwhen you attempt to sell back-end products to yourexisting customers.


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