How to Get Your Book Reviewed


Imagine your book at the top of the Best Sellers List of the New York Times. Most authors do. The question is, "How do I get it there and sell millions of copies?"

When planing your book, there is one critical thing that most authors forget - marketing. In the case of book reviewers this means pre-marketing.

Most reviewers require a copy of your book at least three months before publication. This is because most book reviewers need time to read it and review it plus publish all the reviews on books that they have reviewed for those who came before you. Also many publications come out on a weekly or monthly basis instead of daily. This means that book reviewers have a huge backlog.

So the best way to get a book reviewers to review your book, is to get them a quality copy of your manuscript or a galley, as soon as possible.

What if your book has already been published?

Is it too late to get a book reviewer to review your book? In some cases yes and in some no. There is an easy way to get your book reviewed without calling it a review.

Send out a press release.

Create a press release about your book and submit it to your local newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Make it interesting. Don't just say Mary Joe Piper has just published her newest book Babes on Parade. Think about your story and what it can teach people. Does it have a theme about love or friendship or settling disputes?

Use the issue in your press release. Teach people how to solve their problems and then have the person interviewing you mention your credits, as a published author. At that point your book will be mentioned, you will have done them a service, and you will have saved thousands of dollars on marketing and query letters to editors.

Here are just a few sites that you can go to to submit your pre - publication book:

Book Reviewers:

Jeanne Kelly
1928 Mid Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone: 719-291-2309
e-Mail: whitebison@mail. com
Categories: Audiobooks; Children, Health, Metaphysical, Spiritual, Women, Self-help, Writing, Inspirational, Motivational

Jeanette Lambert
Tennessee Tribune
6940 Sunderland Circle
Nashville, TN 37221-4621
Phone: 615-321-3268
jbl96@aol. com
Categories: Children, Cookbook, Fiction, General, How-To, Library, Lifestyle, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Reference, Sociology, Travel/Hospitality, Women, Young Adult - Children, Biography, Thriller/Suspense, African-American Fiction and Nonfiction , Self-help, Writing, promotion & publishing, Education

Beverly J. Rowe
myshelf. com
102 Copper Lane
Kenai, AK 99611
Phone: (907) 283-2840
bevbooks@aol. com
Categories: Children, Cookbook, Fiction, Food, Literature, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Young Adult - Children, Biography, Thriller/Suspense, Writing, promotion & publishing, Education, History/Political. Prefers hard copies.

Roger Sutton, Editor
Horn Book Magazine
56 Roland Street, Suite 200
Boston, MA 02129
Phone: 617-628-0225
Categories: Children, Young Adult - Children

Anna Serra i Vidal
Aledaсos. Boletнn electronico y crнtico de literatura
Eiximenis, 6
Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona 08810
Phone: + 34 93 896 25 04
aserra@ctv. es
Categories: Children, Cookbook, Fiction, Literature, Mystery, Women, Young Adult - Children, Thriller/Suspense, eBooks, Writing, promotion & publishing, Education

Christopher Warner
EFP - Spratt Publishing
4924 Balboa Blvd
Suite 304
Los Angeles, CA 91316
Phone: 818-881-7053
efp@dslextreme. com
Categories: Art, Audiobooks, Australian Books, Computer/Internet/Technology, Junior College Books, Books From Small Presses, Children's Book, Cookbook, Features, Fiction, Gay/Lesbian Fiction, Gay/Lesbian Non-Fiction, Food, General, Health, How-To, Humanities, Library, Lifestyle, Literature, Marketing, Metaphysical, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Pop Culture, Reference, Religion, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Serials, Sociology, Spiritual, Travel/Hospitality, Video, Women, Young Adult/Children's, Psychology/Mental Health, Biography, Parenting, Thriller/Suspense, eBooks, Theater, Politics, Film History, African-American Fiction and Nonfiction , Financial, Self-help, Writing, promotion & publishing, Inspirational/Motivational, Business, Comics, Gardening, Science, Education, Scholarly, History/Political, Adventure, Nature, Horror, Photography

Once a few book reviewers write about your book, other book reviewers will follow. Be prepared for these subsequent book reviewers. Have copies of your book ready to send out with your author packet.


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