MLM Consultant - The 5 Things to Look for in Great MLM Consultants


Consulting in MLM has gotten to be a big business in Network Marketing. Being one myself, I have found that there are good ones out there, and then there are well, not so good ones. You must know what to look for, before you spend a dime with them.

Many MLM Consultants are actually Network Marketers that say they are consultants. You must understand that consulting is a career and profession that demands many things, but being a Network Marketer does NOT automatically qualify one as an expert. Even if they have had great Success in MLM, that may be due to being in the right place at the right time, with the right people. That happens in Network Marketing often.

Here are the 5 things to look for in a good MLM Consultant:

1) A Track record that is available for Inspection.

Any good consultant, no matter the industry, will keep their track record available for any kind of inspection by a future client. They have nothing to hide, nor do they want to. The results they have accomplished speak for themselves.

Ask them if they have some clients you could talk to, or get some kind of testimonial. Track records in consulting can mean the difference between spending money and getting little, or spending money and getting a lot. Check what they have DONE, not what they said they have done. You will be glad you did.

2) Check for their Credentials.

What kind of solid credentials do they have that would warrant you spending money with them? What kind of education about MLM do they have? What kind of experience do they have in Network Marketing? Do they have the right business experience? Have they ever run a business before? What kind of degree do they have if applicable?

Credentials are important in modern day consulting, and not only for you, but also for the results you seek from an MLM Consultant. Most consultants have a portfolio they can show you. Ask for it, and study it. You will be glad you did.

3) Look for Professionalism.

Professionalism is a MUST in any field of consulting. Do they come across as a professional? Do they speak as a professional? Do they communicate in a professional manner? How do they handle themselves? How do they handle other people? Do they return phone calls in an efficient manner? Do they keep their phone appointments? Are they prepared for the appointment? Do they follow up in a professional manner? Are they pushy, or have your best interests at heart? Do they come across as honest and with integrity?

Being a professional speaks well of a consultant. But here is the KEY - are they CONSISTENT in all of the above? And do they do it with a smile on their face? These questions will tell a lot about an MLM Consultant and how they will handle things in any future endeavor.

4) Do they ask questions that are focused on your problem, or questions that are focused on being a consultant?

There are many questions that consultants ask that are all part of being a consultant. You want the kind of QUESTIONS that zero in on the solution to YOUR problem, not what they have learned to ask as a rote exercise. You are looking to hire them to solve a problem, not be a consultant. Make sure their questions are focused on moving you forward, not just creating conversation.

Brutal? Yes, Honest? Totally. MLM Consultants are not cheap, and if you are going to spend money, make sure that you get what you pay for, and get your challenge resolved. That is what MLM Consultants get paid for - to solve problems, not to engage in a fruitless boiler plate exercise.

5) Have they actually spent any time working Network Marketing and understand the culture, the philosophy, and what the REAL dynamics are to create Success in a group, and an MLM company?

I am amazed that there are "consultants" out there that have never spent an hour in the MLM field. They have never recruited anyone. They have never sold a product in MLM. They have never held a Company Event for a team. They have never done a presentation around a kitchen table, or a home meeting. They have never explained an MLM Comp plan to people before, nor do they know how. But yet, they sell themselves as an MLM Consultant.

Make sure that there is SOME experience in the field, as that alone brings a wealth of knowledge that many do not have. It is not easy building a successful MLM group and business. If you have not done it, then you are coming as an MLM Consultant, from more of a position of weakness than someone who has, and can explain what it took, and how to do it. It makes a lot of difference in understanding the business of MLM as well.

These are the 5 Traits you should look for in an MLM Consultant. There are more you need to consider, but these are the 5 MAJOR ones when considering MLM Consultants.


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